About Us

The Henry Kendall Group is a privately owned company that has successfully developed commercial, industrial, retail, residential and retirement projects throughout NSW since 1950.

Founded in 1950 by Aston Wilde, the company was established as a property development business.

In 1976, Patrick Wilde AM, as the new CEO of the company, focused on the acquisition of land in strategic regional and metropolitan locations. Patrick’s legal, business and entrepreneurial skills enabled the company to be a pioneer in the retirement village industry in the 1980’s. Patrick saw this new industry as a form of property development where the delivery of a first class service was a significant success factor. This heralded the development of the Henry Kendall Retirement Villages. As a result, the company became the largest privately owned retirement village operator in NSW. This aspect of the groups’ property business was sold prior to a consortium of public companies in 2005.

With over 60 years experience in the property development industry the Henry Kendall Group has consistently delivered high quality developments and the company enjoys a reputation of professionalism and integrity.

Over the last few years the Group has focused on the technology space and views this as one of the key elements in maximizing the development potential of its existing property assets. At the centre of this is the delivery of an outstanding data centre service, built around resilience, best of breed technology and a high level of customer service to clients. This focus on first class service remains a common thread in the company's continued evolution.